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Each participant is allowed to participate ONLY in 2 categories. This rule is applicable across all types of cultural programs. Opening ceremony, Fashion Show and Kogile competition are excluded from this rule.


Guidelines for participating in NAVIKA Austin 2023 cultural program events.

  • All participants must adhere to the General Navika-2023 Participation rules as well as those specified herein.
  • Every participant in the group must be registered to the Navika 2023 event.
  • All programs should be presented in Kannada (or) Themes should be related to Karnataka, Kannada culture or life in general, NRIs etc.
  • All programs should be family/kid friendly.
  • Minimum age of the participant is 6 years.
  • Group performances are given preference over individual performances. Exceptions will be made by committee based on availability of time, cases of exceptional talent and uniqueness of program.
  • To ensure high quality of programs, only performances of high caliber will be considered.
  • Suggested time limit (not to exceed) depending on the program:
    • Drama – 30 mins
    • Standup Comedy – 15 mins
    • Skit – 15 mins
    • Harate – 30 mins
    • Mimicry – 15 mins
    • Yakshagana – 1 hour
  • Form Submission Requirements:
    • Please fill the entry form completely. Also, to help in the selection process:
      • Submission of good quality video/audio for audition (minimum of 3 mins recording) is mandatory.
      • Artists/Group profile and a detailed write up of the proposed program will help in the selection process.
      • Reviews of past performances, media coverage, photographs etc. are encouraged (Optional).
  • Navika 2023 Cultural Committee members will reach out to you for additional details if your program has been selected.
  • All materials submitted, including the video/audio, will not be returned and will be destroyed after the program.
  • Artists will be responsible for their own costumes, props and makeup.
  • All expenses should be borne by the Artists.
  • Any music used must be of professional quality.
  • All Props used must be approved by the Navika 2023 Cultural Committee.
  • Time slot, Stage assignments and duration will be communicated to you by the Navika 2023 Cultural Committee. Allotted duration includes Prop setup, Prop removal, and artist entry and exit times.
  • All decisions taken by the Navika 2023 Cultural Committee are final.

Please contact nvks23.drama@gmail.com for any additional questions or information.

Please submit the registration forms at the earliest. 

Deadline for submitting the entries is July 08,2023, 

Sorry! We are no longer accepting new registrations for Rangasthala.