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Each participant is allowed to participate ONLY in 2 categories. This rule is applicable across all types of cultural programs. Opening ceremony, Fashion Show and Kogile competition are excluded from this rule.



  • Solo : 5 minutes
  • Groups up to 6:10 minutes
  • Groups more than 6:20 minutes


  • Music entries include solo or group vocal and instrumental performances.
  • All participants must adhere to the General NAVIKA 2023 Participation Rules as well as those specified herein.
  • Every participant in the group must be registered to the NAVIKA 2023 event.
  • Minimum age for participation is 6 Years.
  • All expenses related to performance should be borne by the performing team/artists.
  • All performances should be presented in Kannada.
  • Team/Artists are responsible for their Props, costumes & makeup.
  • It will be teams’/artists’ responsibility to take permission for any proprietary/copyrighted material.
  • Exceptions will be made by committee, based on availability of time, exceptional talent, and uniqueness of program.
  • To help with the selection process, submission of good quality video/audio (Soft Copy) for audition is mandatory. 
  • Send the clip in any general AV format mentioning your program name to nvks23.music@gmail.com 
  • All submissions made will be reviewed by the Cultural committee and a response would be provided soon.
  • Political/religious bias in the programs are discouraged.
  • All decisions taken by the Navika 2023 Cultural Committee are final.

Deadline for submitting the entries is July 08,2023

Sorry! We are no longer accepting new registrations for Saptaswara.