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  1. The video must be an original creation. You can only be inspired by online reels. Plagiarized content will lead to disqualification.
  2. Avoid using offensive, name-calling, derogatory remarks, and/or regional slang targeting any person or community.
  3. Participants are allowed to submit only one entry, and any additional entry beyond that will be ignored.
  4. Individual, as well as group entries are allowed.
  5. Reels should be in Kannada (or Kanglish)  [Majority of the content should be in Kannada].
  6. Creative reels will have more weightage during judging. 
  7. Participants should refrain from posting the reels on social media until Navika provides approval to do so. Post Navika branding, participants and family can post it on social media. 
  8. Below are the preselected themes for reels for this competition. 
  • Shivrajkumar (Songs or Dialogues)
  • Sharmila Mandre (Songs or Dialogues)
  • Sri. Arjun Janya (Songs or Dialogues) 
  • Sri. Raghu Dixit  (Songs or Dialogues) 
  • Harshika Poonacha (Songs or Dialogues)
  1. This competition is exclusively open to all US-Kannadigas.
  2. By submitting your video, you permit us to use it for promotional purposes and publish it on any online media platform without consulting the creator.
  3. Competition will have 2 levels of judging. Reels selected to the next round in the competition will be informed via email and it is a must for the participant to be at the event. All communications will be via the email. The email used while registration on or before 29th August 2023.
  4. We kindly request all participants who advance to the next level to be present at the event to find out the winner. In case a participant is unable to attend, their videos will be disqualified and not considered for the awards.
  5. The decision of the Judging panel (Sandalwood Celebrities) regarding the winner will be respectfully considered as FINAL.
  6. In order to maintain fairness and preserve the integrity of the competition, the specific details and deliberations of the decisions will remain confidential. Rest assured that the judging process will be conducted with utmost professionalism to ensure fair and unbiased outcome. 
  7. Entries containing any infringing, threatening, misleading, false, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, inflammatory, scandalous, pornographic, or profane content will be disqualified.
  8. Navika will handle any personal information provided by participants in accordance with its privacy policy. 
  9. Without Navika branded reels i.e., videos that do not have Navika logo should not be posted on the social media. 
  1. The video should be a minimum of 30 seconds and should not exceed 60 seconds in duration.
  2. The video should be in a vertical format (not horizontal).
  3. Video resolution must be 1080p. Any other resolution either lower or higher will be disqualified. 
  4. The video must have clear voice quality. Videos with poor quality will be disqualified.
  5. Video must be in mp4 format only. Any other format will be disqualified. 
  6. Post submission, the video will undergo professional branding by Navika and be available on YouTube. Friends and family can use it from Youtube for social media posting. Links will be provided post branding with details on usage.
  7. Final date of Video Submission is August 29th. Any reels received after 29th of August 2023 11:59pm will be not be considered for the competition.  
  8. Participant progressing to the next level will be informed on or before 29th of August 2023 via the email used while registration.
  9. The winners will be announced at the event between 1st – 3 rd of September 2023
  1. The competition will have a total of 6 winners.
  2. The award will be presented at the event by one of the famous movie stars of Sandalwood.
  3. The winners will receive a certificate and a memento as a token of recognition.
  4. The winners will have the opportunity to take special photos with the star.
  5. The reels of the winners will be showcased during the Navika Event.
  6. Winners photographs will be published on Navika Social Media channel. 


We encourage all participants to adhere to the guidelines and rules to ensure a fair and enjoyable competition for everyone involved. 

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